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Evidence File

CASE:Move to Murder DATE:1931
Amy Wallace's Statement

Wallace testified that he had told his wife about the telephone message left at the chess club. This was confirmed by Amy Wallace (her statement is produced below). Wallace also stated that he believed his wife would admit someone called Mr Qualtrough because "she knew all about the business". In the reconstruction of the conversation between Julia and Amy (Chapter 3), I suggest Julia might have known about the name "Qualtrough", although this was not explicitly confirmed or denied by Amy Wallace. In his book The Killing of Julia Wallace, Jonathan Goodman provides some more details of the conversation.

83 Ullet Road

21 January 1931

I am married and live at 83 Ullet Road. My husband is abroad. Mrs Wallace of 29 Wolverton Street is my sister-in-law. At about 3:30pm on Tuesday 20.1.31 I called at 29 Wolverton Street to see my sister-in-law. She was in and I stayed there until 4pm or shortly after. She wanted to me to stay for tea but I refused because I had no time to stay.

She was in her usual health apart from her cold. We talked about various matters and she told me that her husband, Mr Wallace, had a telephone message while he was at the chess club the previous night to call somewhere in the Calderstones district sometime that evening, that is the Tuesday evening. She told me that neither she nor her husband knew anyone in the district.

The bread boy called while I was there but no one else. We were alone in the house. She did not mention she expected anyone to call. I left sometime between 4pm and 4:30pm.

Amy Wallace

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